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GoDaddy aired its first Super Bowl ad in 2005. Between 2005 and 2013, GoDaddy grew from a $100 million company to a $1.3 billion company. Bob Parsons has said that the $70 million spent on Super Bowl advertising was "directly responsible" for much of this growth.[1]

In 2012, Business Insider reported that ABC rejected thirteen versions of GoDaddy's commercials in 2006 before settling on the final two. Similarly, ten ads were rejected in 2008, eight were rejected in 2009, and three were rejected in 2010.[2] Barb Rechterman (GoDaddys Chief Marketing Officer) admitted that it took the company several years to determine the "right formula" for commercials that were "racy enough to get attention but tame enough to get past a network's standards and practices department".[2]

Between 2007 and 2014, Danica Patrick appeared in 13 commercials, more than any other celebrity spokesperson.[3][4] In 2013, Rechterman confirmed that the company's Super Bowl advertising would become less sexually suggestive.[1]


GoDaddy aired its first Super Bowl commercial in 2005.[1] Its first quarter commercial featured a "buxom brunette" who has a "wardrobe malfunction",[5] spoofing the Janet Jackson indecent from the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show.[3][4]

After the commercial aired, traffic to increased nearly 400%.[5] A second advertisement had been pulled by FOX for being "too inappropriate".[2][6] Following the Super Bowl, GoDaddy's market share grew from 16% to 25%.[2]


  • "Send in the Go Daddy Girl"


Danica Patrick began appearing in GoDaddy's Super Bowl commercials in 2007.[3]

Danica Patrick's first Super Bowl commercial appearance was in 2007.[3]





In 2011, Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels co-starred in two Super Bowl commercials. In one of the thirty-second ads ("Superhero"), both wore superhero costumes.[7] Prior to production, Michaels said, "It doesn't get much bigger than being in a Super Bowl commercial. I think shooting a spot with Danica Patrick is going to be a blast."[7][8]

According to Business Insider, Nielsen recorded that GoDaddy's website saw the "largest traffic increase following the Super Bowl ever recorded". For a week following the Super Bowl, the website saw a 41% increase in unique U.S. visitors from the week prior.[2] GoDaddy's market share grew to 53%.[2]


Prior to the 2012 Super Bowl, GoDaddy teased that it "might be dropping" Danica Patrick from its campaign, but ended up featuring her in both.[3]

One commercial called "Body Paint" starred Patrick and Jillian Michaels both applying paint to a nude model. Patrick and Michaels paint GoDaddy's logo, teasing viewers to imagine the parts of the body they left untouched. The camera then pans to the painted text "Get Noticed!", which appears on the model's collar bone.[2] The ad promoted the company's .co domain name extension.[9]

Barb Rechterman, GoDaddy's head of marketing, said of the commercial: "We have a term we use with our ads that is GoDaddy-esque. We like them edgy but we keep them clean enough not just for the Super Bowl but for other networks' prime time television as well."[2]


GoDaddy's second commercial, called "Your Big Idea", features a cameo appearance by Danica Patrick as a pilot.


Danica Patrick in the 2014 Super Bowl commercial, "Bodybuilder"

In October 2013, Blake Irving (CEO) said, "2014 marks a new era for GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials," confirming a shift in the company's marketing strategy.[3] GoDaddy also confirmed the purchase of two 30-second commercials, one for each half of the game, and that at least one of them would star Danica Patrick.[3] Patrick's 2014 Super Bowl appearance marked her thirteenth for GoDaddy within eight consecutive years.[1][3] In January 2014, Irving told USA Today, "It's been a transformative year. Our new message is that of the go-getter — valuable, edgy and fun. Two years ago, it was provocative, sexy, crazy, gutsy."[4]

GoDaddy's first commercial ("Puppet Master") featured a woman who tells actor Jon Turturro that she is leaving her current job to establish her own business.

The company's second advertisement ("Bodybuilder") featured Danica Patrick as a bodybuilder. Sports Illustrated called it her "tamest one yet", with Patrick appearing "as ripped as a Hollywood action star as she leads a pack of bronzed bodybuilders to a spray-tan business".[3] Patrick said, "When I first saw [the costume], I thought, 'Holy crap! But I understand this ad is about brand extension, and more about what they do now... C'mon, check out my muscles."[4]

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